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In the following L&R Communications podcast interview, we speak with Government Marketing University Founder and President Lou Anne Brossman about the new and exciting programs happening at GAIN 2018 – taking place on November 1st at the Reston Hyatt.

In its third year of existence, the GAIN Conference has evolved into being the go-to event for all government marketers. And GAIN 2018 will prove to be the best one yet – with dynamic keynote speakers, hands-on workshops with marketing leaders, an awards ceremony, and even a lesson in mindfulness.

For the first time, the conference will offer insights from the highest levels of government. For example, the morning keynote, Suzette Kent, the Federal CIO, will share her vision and insights into how important government marketers are in helping the federal government achieve its mission goals.

Here are some other key highlights from our interview with Lou Anne:

  • A high-level overview of what will be happening at GAIN 2018. (1:00)

  • More about the morning keynote from Suzette Kent, the Federal CIO. (3:00)

  • What marketers will gain (pun intended) from the morning and afternoon workshops. (4:30)

  • How the conference will offer a special session on mindfulness. (7:36)

  • The benefits for current and potential sponsors. (9:25)

  • Closing commentary about why ALL government marketers should attend GAIN 2018. (10:53)

Click here to officially register for GAIN 2018. As a third-year-in a row sponsor with our long-term partner StoryTech Consulting, we highly recommend taking advantage of this amazing business development opportunity. Click here to become a sponsor.