The Startup Growth is a blog focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Ricky Singh, the Founder and  Editor of The Startup Growth, recently interviewed Matt Langan, the Founder and CEO of L&R Communications, for a Pop Quiz Monday segment, which highlights entrepreneurs’ challenges and success stories.

Matt and his partner Ana Rahona founded L&R Communications in 2008, and he shares their story about overcoming a major challenge and actually triumphing in the end:

Our biggest challenge was that we launched L&R Communications right before the economy crashed in 2009. We learned how to not only survive during this era, but also to thrive to the point where – three years after the crash – we were soaring to heights that we never expected. This growth trajectory continues today.

While this is viewed as a challenge, we embrace the reality that success in professional services comes from pushing the big rock up the hill everyday. It takes tenacity, perseverance, and creativity to successfully run a business. You may not feel the immediate success of your efforts, but it’s very rewarding to step back and clearly see just how far you have come.

The interview also highlights why Matt wanted to become and entrepreneur, and how the L&R Communications team fully embraces its “friends and family” network.

To read the full interview, please click here.