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In the following L&R Communications podcast interview, we speak with one of the smartest people we know in digital marketing, Mr. Toby Bray. Toby is a senior marketing and sales strategist who currently works for the obo. Agency.

Developing high-level sales and marketing strategies can seem like a playing field for only the wisest and smartest in the room. The reality is that any marketer can boost their ability to be more strategic, and provide more value for their organizations.

First, you need to able to look outside of sales and marketing by consuming information from a wide variety of sources -- so you can bring this knowledge back into strategic development.

Second, it is critical to fully align sales and marketing to provide the most optimal outcomes. Knowing the voice of the customer and fully understanding the buyer's journey will help your organization know and use the “emotional levers” that let the buyer know you understand their challenge.

From there, you can develop content that is aligned with what prospects want – understanding that B2B sales are driven by resolution-driven decisions.

Lastly, people buy from people they trust, and modern sales teams should embrace this shift in ways that align with the larger brand promise.

Following are some additional highlights from this interview with Toby:

  • More about Toby and his background. (:30)

  • How Toby has his finger on the pulse of trends that impact marketing. (1:25)

  • How to effectively build out a content marketing calendar. (3:37)

  • How to better align sales and marketing. (6:37)

  • How to understand the buyer’s journey. (8:50)

  • Why people like to buy from people they trust. (11:45)

  • Toby’s view on the future of digital marketing. (14:17)

  • How people buy future outcomes in B2B. (17:40)

We would like to thank Toby for speaking with us. If you are a marketer and would like to learn about how to better drive more sales leads, please contact us here.