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In the following HealthcareNOW Radio “What’s My Tagline?” podcast interview, Matt Langan, the CEO and Founder of L&R Communications, discusses how it takes tenacious creativity to break through the PR clutter in the healthcare IT arena.

In the healthcare IT marketplace, many companies generally say the same thing in their messaging – as is often seen at major conferences like HIMSS 2018. However, although breaking though the noise can be very challenging, especially for smaller players, it is absolutely possible.

In this HealthcareNOW Radio “What’s My Tagline?” interview, Matt discusses the key steps that companies need to take to expand overall brand awareness and drive further lead generation through PR and content marketing:

  • The Courage to be Creative: Health IT companies should embrace creativity in terms of content development. From cultural and seasonal trends to music and films, there is a way to nuance creative content, and develop metaphors that tie back to health technology, allowing companies to stand out much more.
  • PESO Model: This acronym encompasses the full spectrum of content marketing and PR, which are Paid (P), Earned (E); Social (S) and Owned (O). This approach can include sponsored content, traditional publicity, social media and owned blog posts, white papers podcasts and more.
  • Flattery Campaigns: By creating content that shines a positive light on prospects, it is possible to pave the way for door-opening meetings for your sales teams.
  • Measure Everything: Develop separate landing pages for tracking all PESO efforts, and invest in market automation software to help tie all efforts back to sales leads.

As the PR industry continues to rapidly evolve, L&R Communications remains on the forefront of the latest trends, especially in the healthcare IT arena. To learn more about our PR and Content Marketing Services, please contact Matt at